Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Stockist Spotlight - Ineke Designs

Who are you?

Hello, my name is Angela and I have been living in Bendigo, Victoria with my fiancé and our two beautiful children for about 5 years now.
I have always been a lover of everything and anything handmade and come from an artistic background. Being lucky enough to spend some quality time at home with my children, and after admiring the work of so may talented work at home parents (WAHPs), I decided to have a go at making my own dress for my daughter. I enjoyed so much that I made another…and another….and the list goes on!! After receiving so many amazing compliments from friends and family and requests for me to make clothes I was encouraged to continue with my sewing and so hence “Ineke Designs” was born!

What do you make?

Currently Ineke Designs’ main focus is on the Ineke Dress and variations of, however, I am happy to say that there are many new designs and product ranges on the way, which also include clothing for the boys! You will also find a range of hand appliqued tops and soon to be released Full Front Waterproof Bibs for Toddlers! Ineke Designs only uses the highest quality designer fabrics and trims. Some of the regularly featured designers are Michael Miller, Amy Butler, Joel Drewberry and Riley Blake amongst many others.

When did you get started?
Ineke Designs was born in March of 2011, and have just celebrated out 1st Birthday!! It's been a very exciting first year and I am looking forward to the one ahead! Now to get all these ideas out of my head and onto fabric!!
Why do you make your thing??
Oh that's easy... I just love doing it!! I think it all stems from my arty history. I studied Fine Arts and Crafts at school and actually received top marks for the school for that year and had a piece accepted into the states touring gallery! It was very exciting! I really love doing quite abstract pieces using dye and charcoal! I was then accepted into university to follow this path...but I had other stronger passions at the time and wanted a career in medical science. I even did year 13 to strengthen my grades...but, alas, it wasn't for me. To cut a long story short I went on a very long and windy journey to get to where I am today. I still pick up a pen and some paint and have a play every so often but it wasn't until I had my children, particularly my daughter, that I decided to try sewing! I am a self confessed fabricoholic and LOVE  all the gorgeous designs and playing at matching colours together. I find it really feeds my arty side and I so very much enjoy putting it into exercise! I hope to one day put together my very own design to be put into print!! The other big part of why I like to do what I do is hearing and seeing the joy that my items seem to bring to others. I have had so many lovely comments about how much a customer has loved their dress or top and that it makes it feel all worth while! I love to make others happy!!
Whats in store for you?
I am really looking forward to participating in some markets this year, both local and around the state if at all possible. I am full to the brink with ideas and I am just itching to get them all into action. I have some great new lines I would love to see released in the near future, and some are already in the works! I am currently having a website designed so that should come on line in the near future. It will be a great place to view my previous creations, purchase ready to go items, order pre-designed items and it will eventually contain a place where you can create/designs your own dresses!! Very exciting!! I have in mind a new concept of bringing Ineke Designs to you at home as well... I can't say too much about that one at this stage...Ssshh! I am also participating in some great new online markets this year. Stay tuned to my facebook page to hear all about those! And.... I have been lucky enough to work with a brilliant Victorian doll maker on a recent collaboration making matching doll/mermaid dress sets!! Just loved doing it and we are planning on doing more, so stay tuned for more of that as well!! All in all, an exciting fun filled year ahead for Ineke Designs!!! I hope to be able to share it will you all!!

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