Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Big Hearted Business: WOW

I'm still wrapping my head around the inspirational, mind-blowing and insightful weekend I just experienced - Big Hearted Business, presented by Clare Bowditch, held at the stunning Abbotsford Convent.

I walked away from the 2 jam packed days with a notebook (and mind) overflowing with ideas and a heart full of gratitude for Clare, her team and all of the amazing speakers. The fire has re-ignited in my belly and I'm more focused; I've got more done in the last few days than I would in over a week.

 I'm sure there will be more blog posts about what I gained from the conference, but I feel like I still have to chew on the ideas and concepts that were shared. I want to wrestle with them and filter them through a focus on what they will mean for View Point Handmade Gallery. In the mean time, I have noticed blog posts starting to pop up on the web from the attendees, sharing their experience. Head over to these blogs to read more about some of the personal experiences of a phenomenal and life changing weekend:

The cherry on top of the most delicious weekend was singing Nick Cave's Ship Song, in the beautiful Abbotsford Convent chapel, with a group of amazingly talented, creative women (and a few lads!), led by the powerhouse that is Ms Bowditch. Goosebumps on top of goosebumps!!

Do yourself a favour and sign up for the BHB Mailing List - you won't want to miss a thing!!

Monday, 25 March 2013

Stockist Spotlight - Clay & Clasp

Who are you?

My name is Lucy, I am from the UK originally but now live in Perth with my husband Jake, dog Archie and cat George!  

What do you make?

I make jewellery and homewares from clay!  

When did you get started?

I started in September 2012 as I was feeling a little frustrated in that my job was not creative enough. So I started making jewellery to keep my design brain ticking, and do something really visual at the same time. 

I am a Heritage Architect by trade so come from a design background. I’ve been using clay since I was a child and I never gave it up. Even whilst studying I was always trying to sneak something made out of clay into my architectural models!

Why do you make your 'thing'? 

I have an obsession with tea and cake and have always been a really keen baker.  I tasted my first macaron at Laduree in London (not Paris unfortunately) and think I probably became obsessed with the look of them rather than the taste. I spent hours slaving in the kitchen trying to perfect the art of making them look perfect! Several thousand hours later (er, and several thousand kilos heavier), I still can’t get it right every time so it got me thinking if I’m doing this for looks over taste, maybe I should make some in clay!

I am also a big animal lover and hence many of my pieces feature birds, bunnies, owls and foxes!
Most other things I make stem from a piece I've wanted to make for myself, usually to go with a certain outfit or for a specific occasion.  

Where to next for you? (what direction do you see your work heading in?)

I would like to develop my custom pieces so that I can make pieces for families or individuals that are truly unique to them.  I am forever thinking up new designs, inspired by something I've seen (or eaten) and so who knows what I'll make next!

Friday, 22 March 2013

Project: Caravan Studio Renovation

(note: stock image, not the ACTUAL caravan in question)

While I don't normally include a lot of personal stuff on the VPHG blog, I've decided to starting sharing a few of my creative projects with you all!

We moved into our new house over 6 months ago and I've been using the dining table as my 'temporary' creative space during this time. I find packing away half finished projects in order to set the table really stuns my creative process (and I'm sure my family is sick of eating dinner surrounded by tubes of paint and the debris from a crazed collaging session)

Enter the dilapidated and sad caravan that's been sitting, unloved, on the property for over 5 years. I've come up with a harebrained plan to gut the interior and renovate it into a studio! This beast has seen better days, I'm talking water damage, broken windows and a veritable paradise for insect life. (I'll take some 'before' photos and update with them soon)

As with any good project in the digital age, I've started a Pintrest board for inspiration during the planning stages, and we are in the VERY preliminary phases. Currently I only know that I'd like a comfortable seating area, a table top workspace, running water (cold is fine - space for tea/coffee facilities would be a bonus!), as much storage as possible and an open area where the bed used to be for larger projects.

The first step is to move the van itself to it's forever home and make sure that it is securely in place, then let the demolition begin - I'm going to show the sad 70s faux-wood lined interior who is boss!

All of this will be happening around continued house renovation, cafe installation at VPHG, working full time and a very active 6 year old little girl... So it won't be a speedy process.

Wish me luck!

(and just a note on the stock photo used in the title image - I've started using Morgue File for stock images, I really dig the concept and was thinking of adding some of my MANY MANY photos to their database... gotta share the love!)

Thursday, 21 March 2013

Stockist Spotlight - Cuillere moi

It must be the week for showcasing stockists with brilliant business names, today we're featuring Cuillere moi, which is French for "spoon me".

Corbert and Jenae began making this unique style of jewellery from antique cutlery in 2012 whilst living in Castlemaine. Their range proved to be very popular, especially at the Castlemaine Artist and Bendigo Square markets.

Jenae and Corbert certainly have a passion for this which is reflected in the professional quality of their pieces.

Their rings are now world-wide, with customers from England, France and Germany have fallen in love with them also.

During April, Culliere moi will be showcasing their full range, so why not pop in and take some of this old-world charm with you. 

Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Jubly-Umph Jewellery Sale

We have a lot of Jubly-Umph fans amongst View Point customers, so I'm sure this sale will interest a lot of you!

I want to clear out the Jubly stock we have in currently so that I can bring in a whole fresh batch - so we've marked it all down!!

Sale is while stocks last and I don't think they'll last long, so you'd better get in quick!!

Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Easter Trading Hours

We'll be closed for Good Friday trading, but will be sneaking an exhibition opening in for the evening - feel free to head on down for a glass of wine and experience some fabulous art! (details for the show here).

The rest of our trading hours for Easter weekend are much the same as usual 11-3 Saturday and Sunday and closed on Monday.

And don't forget that at View Point we have a fabulous range of gifts that are super sweet, without rotting your teeth this Easter!

Texture - Group Exhibition

 To coincide with the Bendigo Easter Festival, VPHG has asked artists to explore the theme of 'Texture', tying in with the overall Festival's 2013 theme of 'Embrace Your Senses'

The official opening is on Friday the 29th of March from 7-9pm. (all welcome) RSVP on Facebook

The show will run from March 29th – April 14th during VPHG opening hours.

Sunday, 17 March 2013

Stockist Spotlight - Bok Bok B'Gerk

Today we're featuring Michelle from Bok Bok B'Gerk - a very talented laser cut jewellery designer who hails from Ballarat. I am personally quite smitten with the Bok Bok B'Gerk range and had a lot of fun setting it up in store (and taking pictures of it, hence the photo heavy post today!)

Who are you?  Hi!  My name is Michelle and I live in Ballarat with my lovely husband Matt and our two little ones, Corben (3 years) and Alexis (1.5 years). 

What do you make?  I make a range of laser cut jewellery under the label "Bok Bok B'Gerk".  The inspiration for my pieces is varied, and usually comes from things my kids ask me to draw for them.  I also create custom pieces for people who want something just a little bit special for a loved one. 

When did you get started?  I started Bok Bok B'Gerk when I was pregnant with Lexi.  I had wanted to start my own business for a number of years, however I could never come up with an idea for a profitable business that I thought I would enjoy long term.  One night I just decided I would make laser cut jewellery.  To be honest I didn't really expect it to go anywhere, yet here I am two years on with a business that has well and truly exceeded my expectations.

Why do you make your 'thing'?  I have always been creative and believe that expressing yourself through the art of making things is beneficial to the soul... and a lot cheaper than therapy :)

Where to next for you? (what direction do you see your work heading in?)  Over the next year or so, I plan on expanding my product line to include more items for the male folk in our lives!  They are always so hard to buy for, so I am hoping to have an epiphany sometime soon as to an item I can make that all men will want!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Stockist Spotlight - Cinders

Today on the blog we're shining the Stockist Spotlight on Lucinda of Cinders Jewelry, here's what she had to say about her beautiful pieces:

Cinders Jewelry is all about mystery, seduction and beauty. 
I started Cinders Jewelry Design in early June 2012, as a hobby because I have always loved being creative and I have been a painter my whole life.
I am a huge animal lover and the only animal products I use are naturally shed feathers. My items are 100% cruelty free, and I only source the highest quality materials for my work.
I love experimenting with different colours, textures, themes and mythologies to create intricate and beautiful wearable art.
I have always adored the allure and mystery of Bohemian and Gypsy cultures and I also love the gorgeous femininity of the Victorian era. 
I have always loved quantum physics and studying the inner working of things, hence my love for Steampunk. 

I adore making custom designs and collaborating with someone  to create something truly unique for them to love and cherish. 
All of my items are one of a kind, and a lot of care goes into every single piece.

Every day I work with beautiful crystals, tiny watch parts, lots of lace and feathers. I am always surrounded by sparkle. :-)

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Bend Craft - Local Makers Unite!

Bend Craft FB Group
Bend Craft is a Facebook group, that has been formed as a space for Bendigo's talented creatives to network, post info about their latest creative pursuits, share knowledge, ask questions and 'talk shop'… anything you like really. It's also a source of information about local opportunities and events.

If you know anyone that might be interested in the group, let them know about it, the more the better!

(idea blatantly borrowed from the 'Bend Arts' model, with permission)


Friday, 8 March 2013

Easter 2013

I have just 'Easter-fied' our windows for the month. On one I have transcribed  'An Ode To Chocolate' by Julia Gazdag, here's what it says (in case the image is too small to read easily):
Chocolate is not a snack.
It is not a food to be taken lightly.
It is a magical, sacred, refined particle of universal truth - reflecting all that is good and right with the world

On the other I have drawn a scene with an oversized bunny and some easter eggs, however... Every photo I try to take of our window bunny looks like he is eating the Bendigo bank building!

Hop into VPHG (Ha! Hop - see what I did there? Bunny humour!) to check out the adorable range of bunnies and other crafty critters we have in - sweet treats without the calories!

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