Friday, 22 March 2013

Project: Caravan Studio Renovation

(note: stock image, not the ACTUAL caravan in question)

While I don't normally include a lot of personal stuff on the VPHG blog, I've decided to starting sharing a few of my creative projects with you all!

We moved into our new house over 6 months ago and I've been using the dining table as my 'temporary' creative space during this time. I find packing away half finished projects in order to set the table really stuns my creative process (and I'm sure my family is sick of eating dinner surrounded by tubes of paint and the debris from a crazed collaging session)

Enter the dilapidated and sad caravan that's been sitting, unloved, on the property for over 5 years. I've come up with a harebrained plan to gut the interior and renovate it into a studio! This beast has seen better days, I'm talking water damage, broken windows and a veritable paradise for insect life. (I'll take some 'before' photos and update with them soon)

As with any good project in the digital age, I've started a Pintrest board for inspiration during the planning stages, and we are in the VERY preliminary phases. Currently I only know that I'd like a comfortable seating area, a table top workspace, running water (cold is fine - space for tea/coffee facilities would be a bonus!), as much storage as possible and an open area where the bed used to be for larger projects.

The first step is to move the van itself to it's forever home and make sure that it is securely in place, then let the demolition begin - I'm going to show the sad 70s faux-wood lined interior who is boss!

All of this will be happening around continued house renovation, cafe installation at VPHG, working full time and a very active 6 year old little girl... So it won't be a speedy process.

Wish me luck!

(and just a note on the stock photo used in the title image - I've started using Morgue File for stock images, I really dig the concept and was thinking of adding some of my MANY MANY photos to their database... gotta share the love!)


  1. ooh good luck Jess, what a good idea, if you have success I am sure there will be others to follow!

  2. Thank you Sharon - it is going to be tricky, but it will be so worth it to have some space!


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