Thursday, 21 March 2013

Stockist Spotlight - Cuillere moi

It must be the week for showcasing stockists with brilliant business names, today we're featuring Cuillere moi, which is French for "spoon me".

Corbert and Jenae began making this unique style of jewellery from antique cutlery in 2012 whilst living in Castlemaine. Their range proved to be very popular, especially at the Castlemaine Artist and Bendigo Square markets.

Jenae and Corbert certainly have a passion for this which is reflected in the professional quality of their pieces.

Their rings are now world-wide, with customers from England, France and Germany have fallen in love with them also.

During April, Culliere moi will be showcasing their full range, so why not pop in and take some of this old-world charm with you. 

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