Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Stockist Spotlight - Cinders

Today on the blog we're shining the Stockist Spotlight on Lucinda of Cinders Jewelry, here's what she had to say about her beautiful pieces:

Cinders Jewelry is all about mystery, seduction and beauty. 
I started Cinders Jewelry Design in early June 2012, as a hobby because I have always loved being creative and I have been a painter my whole life.
I am a huge animal lover and the only animal products I use are naturally shed feathers. My items are 100% cruelty free, and I only source the highest quality materials for my work.
I love experimenting with different colours, textures, themes and mythologies to create intricate and beautiful wearable art.
I have always adored the allure and mystery of Bohemian and Gypsy cultures and I also love the gorgeous femininity of the Victorian era. 
I have always loved quantum physics and studying the inner working of things, hence my love for Steampunk. 

I adore making custom designs and collaborating with someone  to create something truly unique for them to love and cherish. 
All of my items are one of a kind, and a lot of care goes into every single piece.

Every day I work with beautiful crystals, tiny watch parts, lots of lace and feathers. I am always surrounded by sparkle. :-)

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