Wednesday, 25 July 2012

Beating those mid-winter blues, Bendigo style!

Oh Bendigo, how I love thee!! 

I have been a super proud citizen of my town recently - there have been pockets of sweetness to add a little light to the mid-winter 'blah'.

Our town has it's very own yarn bombers! Under the cover of night some wonderful locals have been helping the town rug up against the chill - trees and poles now wear scarves,  bicycle racks are now snuggly and the trees are decked out with pom-poms and assorted colourful woolen creations. I took the above snaps of the most recent additions to Bendigo's Hargreaves Mall, but here are some links to some other local delights:

It seems to have had a massively popular response, I posted the photo above to our facebook page to thank the anonymous yarn-bombers for brightening up the place and our fans have been very vocal about how fantastic they think it is. I have to agree, it has added warmth and run to a space that (since refurbishment) has been criticized for being a bit of a 'concrete jungle'.

I spotted these most recent yarn bombs Tuesday morning, on my walk to work, only to be greeted by this adorable welcome when I arrived. Thank you to whoever was responsible for the phantom flower delivery - it was the perfect way to start my morning!

These two moments have given me a much needed boost this winter! Perking me up by filling mundane daily events with joy - I still can't help but smile each time I look at either of these images.

Yarn Bombers and Phantom Flower Deliver-er, I salute you!

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