Sunday, 15 July 2012

co.lab exhibition

“This exhibition has been an exercise in collaboration from the very beginning. Hugh Waller, founder of Bend Arts and one of the participating artists, approached us here at View Point with the idea of running a show to coincide with the inaugural Bendigo Writers Festival. Many coffees and brainstorming sessions later, we had thrashed out the idea of a collaborative exhibition, bringing writers and visual artists together to create a dialogue between words and art. The collaborative process has taken on a life of it's own within the individual pairings – with some groups choosing to create entirely new pieces, revamp past works or team up for the entire creative process, both written and visual.” - Jessica Cola, View Point Handmade Gallery

The exhibition and book launch coincides with the inaugural Bendigo Writer's Festival in August this year. The exhibition opening will be held at View Point Handmade Gallery, 13 View Point Bendigo, on Friday the 3rd of August from 7pm – 9pm to which the public are welcome to attend. The exhibition runs from Saturday, August 4th to Friday, August 31st.

Featuring the collaborative work of:
R.I. Sutton & Kain White
Mary Pomfret & Sharon Greenaway
Debbie Lee & Fiona Smith
Shane Day & Tony Day
Tru Dowling & Sharon Greenaway
Bridget Robertson & Julian Newman
Janet Fraser & Dominicka Baldwin
Terri Mackay & Phil Ahearn
Christine Sayer
James W.F. Roberts & Hugh Waller
Daniel Lidgett & Elise Lidgett
Mary Pomfrett & Genevieve Thornton
Kelly Hartland & Phil Ahearn
Susan McMinn & Teegan Wheeldon
Paul Donaldson & Jubly-Umph
Tru Dowling & Sandra Hosking
Vicki McKay and Robbie Buckman

To coincide with the exhibition a catalogue of the works has been produced in the form of a book - a first of it's kind, this anthology will serve to showcase the amazing works produced long after the exhibition ends. The book features the work of each participant in the exhibition, each page being devoted to a single work. Also included is a brief statement from participating Writers and Artists.

Shares of profits from book sales go to the exhibiters so by purchasing the book you not only get a quality book showing the work of local Writers and Artists you also support and encourage them all.

The book can be pre-ordered online via the co.lab website ( or at View Point Handmade Gallery.


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