Friday, 16 September 2011

Stockist Spotlight - Mrs Monkei Jewellery

 Each day over the next few weeks we will be featuring one of our wonderful stockists. Today we're getting to know a little more about Erin, the lady behind Mrs Monkei Jewellery.
Who are you? Erin / Mrs Monkei, married to Mr Monkei but not quite living in a tree.. we have a black cat named George who likes to take up my entire lap whilst I try to be creative.
What do you make? Beaded pretties with glass, semi-precious gemstone and swarovski beads. From earrings, bracelets and hair accessories to keyrings and (so far) 4 different types of bookmarks. I love bookmarks!
When did you get started? Around the 2004 mark I believe, with 18 months off in between to travel and hook my Mr. I am self taught and only made things for myself and as gifts originally, then I started getting orders when people were noticing my stuff. I've only been venturing into actively selling for around 6 months, still learning!
Why do you make your 'thing'? Beading is therapy for me, I love to sit and create after a long day at work. I am inspired by my mum who made her living from crafts when I was young - she did everything but what I do, I think! I get a lot of joy out of seeing someone love and enjoy wearing/using something that I have made.
Where to next for you?  My next big step is markets, which is how Mum did her thing back in the day. I've got 2 coming up in November to see how I go. I hope to keep expanding my little hobby, and I'm very much enjoying being a part of View Point as it does the same!

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