Wednesday, 7 September 2011

We're open!

Front Window Display
Pheww - It's been a whirlwind, to say the least, but we've opened the retail store for business!

Stage one was launched last Friday, the 2nd of September and boy what a response we've had from the community of Bendigo! It's been wonderful meeting all of our stockists and customers, each with a story or words of wisdom to share.

Head on over to our facebook page to read some of our customers reviews and have a look at the photo gallery for more images of the finished space.

Also launched at the same time was our first exhibition - a mini group show in the retail space, featuring 5 artists who entered pieces centred around the theme of 'In The Beginning'. Images of the pieces in this exhibition are available via the 'In The Beginning' photo album. Sorry for directing everyone to facebook photo albums, but we've been having some technical difficulties with our internet and can't upload much for the time being.

You can also read more about View Point Handmade Gallery on these stockist blogs: Muska & Elvis, Able & Game and Booqi.

Still to come at View Point - a cafe, outdoor eatery/live music area and a dedicated art space upstairs.. And hopefully more regular blog posts as we get into the swing of things over here at the Gallery.


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