Monday, 3 October 2011

Stockist Spotlight - Sputnik Playwear

Who are you?
I am a WAHM (work at home mum) with 2 young children – my son just turned 5 and my daughter is nearly 2.  We live in a fab 1930s cottage with my husband and we’re working toward moving out to the country in the next couple of years.

What do you make? 
A range of vintage styled children’s clothing including shortie pyjama and bloomer sets, caped collar and retro pinafores, bonnets, boys shirts and boys briefs.  I use a mix of modern nostalgic and vintage fabrics with ric rac, ribbons, tucks and buttons.  The range is dynamic - limited run in terms of fabric but a standard style collection is maintained with some one-off pieces and lounge pants thrown into the collection.  My inspiration comes Australian movies and miniseries set in the 1940s and 1950s like ‘Smiley’ and The Shiralee. 

When did you get started?
I began making children’s clothing for my son, nieces and friends children in about 2007 using my 1956 Necchi Supernova sewing machine that my mum in law gave to me about 10 years ago.    I received so many lovely comments about the shirts and little girls clothes for my own daughter born in 2010 and friends daughters that I became confident enough to begin selling online and through word of mouth in 2010 – all still using my lovely Necchi.  Jess at View|Point has given me my first retail opportunity which I am loving so far.
 Why do you make your 'thing'?
Sewing and vintage are my passion so I enjoy combining the two and knowing some special little person is wearing something that was handmade just for them.   I love the process of taking a piece of fabric and turning it into something beautiful.  Inappropriately aged clothing is on the increase too so I love to offer parents unique ‘proper’ styled clothing.   

Where to next for you? (what direction do you see your work heading in?)
I see myself maintaining a small niche presence in the handmade industry (and at View Point!) behind looking after my children until they are older.  My final range is just developed so I’m just enjoying the stage my hobby business is at, at the moment.

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