Thursday, 6 October 2011

Stockist Spotlight - Woodpile Woodturning

My name is Rob Wood. My wife's maiden name was Pyle, hence our business is known as Woodpile.
I've always been interested in woodcraft. This, coupled with an interest in antiques, evolved into a restoration business. In those days if one needed to replace a broken knob on a chest of drawers one had to find a craftsman who could turn wood.This was such a frustrating experience that I bought a small lathe and taught myself to turn.Gradually I became proficient and other restorers started asking me to do small jobs for them.Eventually this developed into a full scale wood turning business specialising in custom table legs for cabinet makers, but alas, the world moves on - huge quantities of imported furniture put most of my trade customers out of business. I retired, but not being one to sit around watching the grass grow I set up a compact workshop in a fine new shed in my backyard - after all I still had the tools and equipment used in my previous business.
Nowadays instead of making wooden things for customers, I make what I like and sell my work through galleries, markets and the internet. I'm in the happy position of being able to pick and choose commissions.
Of all the different items I've made I discovered that wooden pens sell best. I use recycled Australian timber and try to link the timber to a local area. Because Bendigo is in the heart of Ironbark forest country I've produced Red Ironbark pens for ViewPoint Gallery.
My pens are often bought by people travelling overseas who want classy looking gifts which don't cost a fortune and take up little space. As an example just in the past few weeks my pens have gone to Japan, China, Ireland, Germany, Spouth America and the US.
What's next for Woodpile? Improve my woodcraft skills; learn more about timber and try to make sense of Facebook.

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