Thursday, 8 November 2012

Stockist Spotlight - Amor Amor

Today in our Stockist Spotlight we're featuring the creative talents of the Colombian trio Amor Amor, enjoy!

Who are you?

We are 3 Colombian friends (2 sisters and a best friend) who all left there homeland at different times to follow dreams of building a new life in Australia. We fell in love with the country and of course the people. The way of life here suits us and we now can't imagine leaving this amazing place.

The team comprises of Luisa (Graphic designer) Viviana (fashion designer & psychologist) and Juliana (Scientist with a big passion for craft and design).

We all went to the same high school but reunited here in Melbourne in 2004. 

 What do you make?

We specialize in kids clothing and stationary with a big emphasis on hand drawn illustrations of Monsters. We create an imaginary world with stories behind them for little people.
 When did you get started? and Why do you make your 'thing'?

Actually the initial idea started a few years ago when Viviana was studying fashion design at University. She was asked to do a project on kids clothing ’inspired by monsters’. Once Luisa heard about the project she was extremely excited to do some sketchbook drawings to help Viviana with her character design. The concept of the sisters lending a hand through school was not new. Luisa and Viviana often shared their ideas and drawings through many school terms at University. Looking back at that project we remember how much fun it was and at that time we actually said, “One day we should bring these characters to life as a business”.

A few years later when Luisa had her first baby, the two sisters had the courage to fulfil their crazy idea and they took the collection of Monsters to Juliana (an old friend from high school who they made a promise to start a business with as teenagers). The three fell in love with the idea and of course the monster characters. Shortly after (in 2011) Amor Amor the business was born. This is the how our cute monsters came to life! 

Above Vivi's university project before we started.
Where to next for you? (what direction do you see your work heading in?)

We still have a large archive of monster illustrations that we haven’t yet associated products with.  In addition to the illustrations we have many more stories that are just waiting to be connected to each little character. We are so excited about the potential here and what the stories may evolve to. Our imaginations are constantly on the go thinking about what new fantasy worlds and pretty images we can create. 

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