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Bizoo Present: Workshop & Book Launch @ VPHG

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(From the Bizoo Media Release)
QLD Creatives head South to share Bizoo, DIY Skills and a CULT-ure Map!

To celebrate the launch of Bizoo’s final release: The Best, The Worst and the Trash That Never Made It', the crew behind Bizoo Zine invites you to a free CULT-ure Map workshop on Thursday 20th December and the official launch as part of the ‘End of the World’ exhibition on Friday 21st December .
What’s a zine? Zine is pronounced ‘zeen’, or like magazine without the ‘maga’ at the front. Generally, it is a non-commercial and often handmade publication devoted to specialised subject matter. Bizoo started life as a zine. The subject matter on its inception was supporting and growing the cultural sector in and around the Darling Downs.

3550 CULT-ure Map will be part zine, part community created tourist map.

Bizoo’s final release is a free retrospective, carbon neutral book that covers the highlights and lowlights of the music and arts zine, Bizoo. Bizoo grew up in Toowoomba Queensland, that’s right; it is home to more than just the Carnival of Flowers. Over its twenty-five issues, Bizoo rounded up a tribe of 60 contributors from across the country and became an underground platform that supported the arts nationally.
For five years, Bizoo woke up a sleepy town and brought to life a thriving arts community. The Bizoo crew will tell the tale on how they achieved this and plan to pass on skills that can assist the growth of Victoria’s regional cultural community. Bizoo gave the folk of Toowoomba an outlet to create, collaborate, and connect while supporting the development of their regional town.

Two of the creators of the publication are spreading the word throughout regional Victoria via workshops and events throughout November and December. With their eyes set on planting cultural seeds in every town they visit. They plan to share their success story and strategies with the Bendigo community and show how a small group of young people created, collaborated and connected.

View Point Handmade gallery has invited Jeremy Staples; the creator of Bizoo and Elouise Quinlivan; owner of the online zine shop Smells Like Zines as well as Bizoo book contributor to come along and facilitate the creation of the 3550 CULT-ure Map zine and launch it and the Bizoo Zine book the following night as part of the ‘End of the World Exhibition’!

You know those boring tourist guides found at backpackers and bus interchanges that show only the money spinning attractions and restaurants that have paid to be on the map? We want to reclaim the streets by highlighting the real events, attractions, cheap eats, artist-run spaces and affordable or free events that only locals would know about. In short – we want you to add your secrets to the map.
Bizoo is coming with your help to create and compile, print and distribute the 3550 CULT-ure Map. We’ll bring along all the resources and creative tools - you need to add your story, insights and secrets.

If the ‘End of the World’ exhibition on the 21st of December wasn’t enough, Bizoo and the 3550 CULT-ure Map will be officially launched as well as The Covers of Bizoo exhibition with highlight all the artists who created covers over the past twenty-five issues. Some have gone onto working at Disney, some have helped to make our street walls shine and others have gone on to create their own zines and start their own DIY collectives. ‘The Covers of Bizoo’ exhibition will highlight all the amazing talent that wrapped around the little zine and made it stick out from the rest. Come along and checkout what Ken Taylor - the now house hold name for rock posters, movies and art design, Rowan Tedge whose work was featured in Vice mag as well as his own zine collections, Simon Degroot whose iconic pieces breathe life into Brisbane’s traffic signal boxes, Sam Mackenzie, an illustrator and well known Brisbane poster and graphic designer and so many more. These artists weren’t in it for the coin, which is great, because Bizoo had no money to pay them, but we thank them for getting on board to kick off a DIY community across Australia.

If we haven’t sold you yet! For one night which could very well be our last! Come learn and print your very own souvenir Gocco postcard. Originating from Japan which mixes the elements of screen printing and pressure printing together. Its easy and simple, even your five year old sister could do it.

If you’re interested in attending or have any questions, please don’t hesitate in getting in contact. You can reach Jessica Cola on

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