Sunday, 11 November 2012

Jess @ VPHG Online

I've just finished setting up the Jess @ VPHG web version of our instagram profile and in the process I realised just how many accounts we have for View Point Handmade Gallery on various social media and sharing sites.

I'm definitely an early adopter; I love discovering something new and learning the tricks to make it work for me. I'm always searching for new ways to share View Point with people and create meaningful connections with creative, talented and inspiring people.
I've been dipping my toe in a few new ones that I won't share yet, but here's a list of the other places you can find View Point Handmade Gallery and Jess@VPHG (that's me!) online:

VPHG Website :  Our website is a great starting point - it has links to most of our online activities, photo galleries, current and past exhibition details, an events calendar and additional information about the gallery.

Jess @ VPHG on Pinterest  :  I love this visual bookmarking site - I use it to collect ideas for visual merchandising the store, finding new makers I'd like to stock, showcasing the store, keeping track of DIYs I want to try (both personally and at VPHG) and all of the other wonderful, inspiring things that I stumble upon on the internet.

Jess @ VPHG on Instagram  : This is where I share more of our day-to-day visual updates - this can be everything from new stock deliveries to my daughter's first day at school. It's a mini visual blog gives a little insight into the daily happenings both in the world of VPHG and the person behind the counter.

Jess @ VPHG on Twitter  : Similar to the Instagram profile, the Jess @ VPHG is an insight into the going-ons at the gallery and personally. I also like to share info about what's on in and around Bendigo, such as community events and other local businesses that I'm loving.

VPHG on Facebook:  We share a lot of photos and details of instore events on our facebook page - it allows for lots of interaction between View Point Handmade Gallery customers and the makers/artists we represent. It's also one of the places we regularly ask for opinions and ideas for new stock, creative events and general feedback.

VPHG Newsletter:  Finally we have our newsletter - this is VPHG delivered straight to your inbox! We share news and event details, sales and all manner of subscriber only goodies. With only 2-3 emails each month, we try not to overwhelm our fans, but to keep them up-to-date with all that is on the horizon at the gallery.

What online communities are you a part of? Are there any that you recommend VPHG jump on board with?

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  1. Fantastic Jess, I am in awe of you and your 'team' on the brilliant set up of all these web based ways to get info and announce up and coming events. Bravo! I wish I knew how to do half of this, advice request pending. Thanks heaps
    Kathy Sellers


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