Thursday, 1 November 2012

Stockist Spotlight - Emma Kidd (benconservato)

Who are you?
Emma Kidd is my name, I go frequently by the name of benconservato.

What do you make?
I create works on paper mainly. I like to create dreamscapes and imaginary animals. I like to monoprint and add to them from the skeleton of that with gouache (paint) and give them more detail and colour. I also make a lot of articulated creatures. Some I have reproductions of, some I create hand painted decorations.... some are just originals.

When did you get started?
I have, it seems, always been doing something creative, I am told.
Why do you make your thing??
I think if I couldn't create things, or paint or draw, I actually get kind of frustrated. I don't like drawing in front of other people, so if I am trapped in a situation where this is the case, I tend to take analogue photos.

Whats in store for you?
I actually can't say where it is heading. It has changed a lot in the past year, I think, It is a constantly evolving thing (even though I am sure people could possibly still see it is my work).

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