Tuesday, 21 May 2013

VPHG: Artist Spotlight - Alicia Huddy

Today we're featuring the one of my favourite local artists - I'm super excited to have her involved in the latest show at VPHG, Anatomy! Not only is Alicia talented, she's also one of the most effervescent and genuinely warm people I've ever met. I hope you enjoy reading a little more about her arts practice - remember, you've got until the 24th of May to catch Anatomy and see one of Alicia's works in person.
Alicia with a selection of her works
Describe your artistic journey (How long have you been creating, how did you get into it, etc)...

I started drawing and painting from the moment my motor skills were refined enough to hold an object and make a mark. I can still remember the first time I ever got to hold a paint brush. It was like magic watching a vibrant colour dance across the page. It was even more astounding that the image was made with the imprint from the power of my own hands. The incredible thing is that one moment a page can be blank and the next it is filled with beautiful colours and patterns. I became completely obsessed with creating my visions from a young age and perhaps in my younger years was quite anti social as I could always hear a blank page whispering my name. As I grew up I never lost my passion and studied Visual Arts at LaTrobe Universtiy in Bendigo. Once I had completed my Visual Arts Degree I chased inspiration from country to country. I now have settled back in the Bendigo region where I'm working and exhibiting.
An Eye For An Eye - Alicia Huddy
What inspires you?
Nature is my biggest inspiration, I enjoy all the patterns and secret imagery that the world around us creates. I am in awe of the different variations of living creatures that are here on this earth. Each holds its own beauty, magic and spirit.

What are the main medium(s) you work in?
Most of my work seems to be created with spray enamel, acrylic paint, oil paint, oil pastels, markers and resin.

How do you describe your work?
Vibrant, bold and energetic with dark and evil undertones.

Tell us about the specific piece you're exhibiting at VPHG

My piece is called "Kidney Fluid" it's the story of your kidneys trying to run away from the abusive life they are forced to endure.

Lizards Falling from the Roof Into My Dreams - Alica Huddy
What are you working on currently?
A number of pieces I have been commissioned to do. I am also experimenting with some materials and techniques to help stabilise an idea I have for an upcoming show.

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