Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Exhibition: LAB RATS (June 1-8, 2013)

View Point Handmade Gallery is excited to be playing host again to some of Bendigo's bright young things!

LaTrobe's 3rd year Visual Arts students; Carol Leigh, Emily Richards-Jones, Lucille March and Chelsea Brant, dubbed the 'Lab Rats' have prepared a visual feast for Bendigo as part of their mid-year examinations. The show only runs for a week, so be sure to pop in from the 1st to the 8th of June!

LAB RATS is an exhibition that has evolved around four different artists all hoping to bring subconscious emotions into the tangible realm. It is an indirect aim at acceptance, perseverance and remembrance. 

Each artist has focused on different mediums and source material yet the majority are highly involved with the process of creation rather than the final production. The element of personal touch is highly emphasized in each artist’s very personal work; dealing with the spirit or the soul, the absence and presence, the frustration of conviction and the reflection on memory. 

Each artist seeks to allow the viewer to interpret their stories, and struggles, while intervening with their own.

Follow their journey via their facebook page and be sure to RSVP to their opening event!

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