Wednesday, 15 May 2013

VPHG: Artist Spotlight - Kerri-Anne Schnoor

You may have noticed that over the past few months we've been highlighting our makers through the regular stockist spotlight space. With our gallery calendar in full swing, I've been wanting to add another element to our spotlights, and add interviews with our exhibiting artists!

Today is that day! We're launching Artist Spotlights on the blog with Kerri-Anne Schnoor - one of the artists exhibiting in the current show, Anatomy. Her piece 'All That Is Left' (pictured below) is actually a personal favourite from this exhibition, so I'm very excited to share her story with you!

'All That Is Left' - on exhibit at VPHG until the 24th of May, 2013

Tell us a little about your artistic journey...

I have always had an interest in art but it was put on the backburner for a long time and after completing a year long art course I decided to continue with studies at Latrobe Uni in Bendigo,

What inspires you?

I find my inspiration working with materials. I usually begin researching a subject that I am interested in and then let the work grow from there through experimentation and investigation.

What are the main medium(s) that you work in?

I often begin with whatever I have laying around the studio and as ideas arise I follow them through with whatever is necessary and this process often leads me to a completed work that was nothing like where I began.

How would you describe your work?

I describe my work as process driven. I document the process of my work, with photography, writing and video, because it evolves and changes throughout its time and this documentation becomes part of the work. I try not to let myself become concerned with the final outcome or what will happen if I do this, I do it and move on. This allows me to move forward without regret or disappointment in my piece.

Tell us about 'All That Is Left', the piece you submitted for 'Anatomy' at VPHG

All that is left is an experimental work, however I did have a vision of what the final outcome would be in my head. What I was left with however was totally different, yet through the process of experimentation it became something more than what I had anticipated. It is this element of surprise and learning what the materials can actually do that drives my work forward.

What are you working on currently?

This year I am undertaking Bachelor of Visual Art Honours at Latrobe Uni and my studio space is full of papier mache sculptures, cast pieces as well as body casts and smaller clay sculptures. The work has evolved from a small concept at the start of the year to a large body of work concerned with investigating form and its relationship to space. Each piece is an evolving work and many of these pieces will be destroyed in some manner leaving only the documentation of their progress.

Kerri Anne's 'Drawing in Space', currently on display at the Phylis Palmer Gallery

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