Friday, 17 May 2013

VPHG: Artist Spotlight: Peter Fountain

You may have noticed that over the past few months we've been highlighting our makers through the regular stockist spotlight space. With our gallery calendar in full swing, I've been wanting to add another element to our spotlights, and add interviews with our exhibiting artists!

Today we're featuring Peter Fountain, an artist new to VPHG, he has two works in our current show, Anatomy. It sounds like I may have to corner him at the next opening to learn a little more about his story - I'm definitely intrigued! Are you?

Tell us a little about your artistic journey...

No- it’s too long and tedious. Now’s what matters – that and the future. If we were chatting face to face over a nice glass of red, relating to each other about life and all its mysteries I’d be happy to share but a monologue sucks and misses the important nuances. Sorry.

What inspires you?

Many different things. Random acts of kindness; the natural world; recycling and re-contextualising; music; cool technology, science, people who are true to themselves, my family so on and so on.

What are the main medium(s) that you work in?

It constantly changes but I usually use found objects or timbers for my sculpture. When I do make flat work I like to print and collage. I like the aspects of processing and layering and the sense of time this evokes.

How would you describe your work?

Very hit and miss with fleeting moments of clarity, nanoseconds of brilliance and eons of forgettable dross. Some ideas should end right there. Some months I make nothing and am a slave to my day job where I can’t even bear to think about art. Other times I’ll only come in from the studio if I’m dead on my feet and really can’t use power tools at 2am. 

Tell us about the specific pieces you submitted for 'Anatomy' at VPHG

The body prints........ well they started years ago as a mapping exercise ( kind of reality checks) and have continued from there. They’re analogous with life’s many facets – They’re intriguing and describe an impermanence that I easily take for granted. They remind me of other points of view.

What are you working on currently?

It’s top secret but they’re 3dimensional pieces – toys – almost.

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